• Promix Academy video course: Screaming Vocals Mastery

This pre-recorded video course (spoken language is English) is aimed at absolute beginners who want to learn how to growl and scream. It is also for those who already have experience in vocal distortion and want to refine their technique and deepen their understanding. 

No matter if you want to add some dirt and grit to your clean voice as an extra effect or if you wanna dive in to full on distorted Death Metal growls – this course is for you. No prior knowledge about singing is necessary. You will not only learn how to sing harsh and distorted sounds, but also how to practice properly and get better, how to phrase and use it in a song as well as how to avoid common mistakes.

You will also learn about singing strategies and how to use distorted vocals in a song. For that, this course provides an example song where I sing with different techniques. All the song material – the full song, lyrics, vocal and backing tracks are ready and waiting for you in the download area. To round the course up, you will also get access to two listen and repeat videos for proper warm-up and cool down, especially meeting the needs of harsh vocalists.

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Promix Academy video course: Screaming Vocals Mastery

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